Electrical Rewiring

Whole house rewires is a specialty of Truitt Electric, LLC. Most electrical companies lack the manpower and expertise to quickly and efficiently upgrade the wiring of an existing home.

Benefits of a Re-wire
  • Safety: Knowing that you have a safe, functional electrical system gives you peace of mind when considering your family and possessions. Keeping your family safe is top priority.
  • Comfort: Your new layout of receptacles will limit the struggle of finding places to plug in appliances and devices. The new lighting accents the house in a way that your family and guests will appreciate. The distribution of electricity throughout the house includes even loads, which results in no tripping breakers or dimming lights when an appliance turns on.
  • Resale value: This new addition will bring up the resale value of your home, making you a top competitor in the market.

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Frequently Asked Rewiring Questions

My house is very old. What should I do about the outdated wiring?
Can I make my home safe if I currently have outdated wiring, but do not have the funds available to complete a whole-house rewire at this time?

To an extent, out dated wiring can be very dangerous. There are ways to keep your home and family safe until you are ready for the re-wire. First, an inspection would be completed by Truitt Electric, LLC. to determine the current state of the knob and tube wiring, BX wiring, or cloth wiring in your home.

Does my house need to be re-wired?
We recommend a whole house safety inspection to understand the current status of the wiring. Some wiring that is considered a major hazard is: knob and tube wiring, BX wiring, and an ungrounded system. These compose hazards on your home and if in poor condition, a re-wire shall be considered.

Will my house be destroyed during a re-wire?
With experience in homes dated over 100 years old, Truitt Electric, LLC. can find efficient paths and ways to complete a project in a safe, neat manner. Our company will preserve the beautiful details and structure of your home, which in turn will keep the costs and heavy repairs to a minimum.

How long will it take to complete a re-wire and will I need to move out during the process?
Most homes can be completed within one week. Larger homes can take up to two weeks. You will not need to move out of the home during the process. Truitt Electric, LLC. will work around your schedule in order to maintain your comfort and you needs.

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