New Construction Electricians

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– Dick N.

Truitt Electric, LLC. has the tools to provide the most complete power efficiency spectrum possible, providing both energy efficiency and productivity improvements. Our innovative technologies help to decrease your energy costs and boost overall productivity within your workplace. We are able to provide value-added new construction services at Truitt Electric, LLC. such as energy audit support and preventative maintenance. Our award winning product lines allow you to achieve your business goals, whether they are energy savings, energy capture, process improvements or simply working with a partner who can be there whenever and wherever you need them.
Efficient Designs

The efficient design ideas we create are tailored to your specific job and require an individual evaluation and analysis to be completed. These elements are a must to consider when building, or maintaining, your facility or business enterprise. We can take control and complete any of your electrical construction needs.

New Construction Services

1. Electrical Products
2. Lighting Design
3. Energy Audits
4. Data & Communication

Design & Operation Process

Efficient energy design is a continuous process that requires the cooperation of everyone involved in the development of your facility. The construction and maintenance of such an efficient enterprise requires the participation of the owner, designer, and contractor. It is our duty to utilize products and services that are designed to keep our customers ahead of their competition by reducing operation and maintenance costs.

Skilled Electricians

Our electricians are highly skilled in the world of construction. Our team has the skills and expertise to help make your electrical installation go as smoothly as possible. We have the equipment and capacity to help keep your construction costs down.

Prompt Electrical Work

We understand the need for a rapid turn around in installation time so that you can continue on with the rest of your project. Our team will not waste any time getting started and working on the tasks at hand. Our technicians will work around your current construction team so that they will not impede the flow of progress on your build. We promise to complete our work on time so you can move forward on your work as soon as possible. Call today to speak with one of our techs for more information.

Valuable Services

You will not find a better value to cost ratio, for the work that you need done, that we can provide for you. We will make sure that our electrical services are done within your budget, while saving you money on your construction project. No other company can deliver the exceptional services that we offer.

Quality Electrical Work

When you start a new construction project you want your job done properly and efficiently. At Truitt Electric, LLC., we have the experience and skill set to get that job done for you. You make the best possible decision when you chose us to complete your electrical installation for your project at hand. We’ll make sure your project is completed in a cost-effective manner all while making sure everything is as safe as possible.

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