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Truitt Electric, LLC. is now East Tennessee’s custom security camera installer. Advances in technology make it easier than ever to own and operate a home security system. This is a very exciting time in our industry as we look forward to the future and the needs of our clients. With many options coming down the pipe Truitt has been researching and vetting many products plus services. We are happy to announce that we are now bringing on-board ALARM.COM. The collaboration of Truitt Electric, LLC. and ALARM.COM will bring cutting edge services to the Knoxville, TN area along with proven technology to our demanding residential and commercial customer base. Our new partner venture will allow us fluent home or business automation that works hand in hand with your security and camera’s systems, now all based in one application that is superbly user-friendly.

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Do Security Cameras Deter Thieves?

The basic answer is yes. Security cameras do cut down on burglary/theft. With the clarity of home security systems these days it makes it nearly impossible for thieves to get away with breaking into your home. Even if a thief decides to break in while your cameras are recording, there’s a possibility they don’t even know that they are being watched, they are most likely going to be apprehended soon after. Usually just the sight of a camera will deter a thief because of the fact that they don’t want to be seen doing what they plan to do.

A report from the University of North Carolina Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice found that 60% convicted burglars would look for security cameras before moving forward, and 40% of burglars said that the presence of security cameras would motive them to seek another easier target.

Another report based on a study conducted by Electronic Security Association, about 83% of burglars would first determine whether a home has security cameras before they broke into the house. And 60% of thieves would typically avoid homes with security cameras.

According to a representative of the London Metro Police, the police were able to identify about 5,000 suspects thanks to security camera videos. Security cameras do play an extremely important role in catching burglars.

If you want to find out more information on what Truitt Electric &Security, LLC. can do for your home or commercial security camera needs please take a look at our Security/Alarms page.

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