Structured Wiring

Bring your home into the digital age with an all new structured wiring network. Structured wiring can be installed in your home during construction or added into an existing home at a later date. A structured wiring network utilizes a main structured networking panel (SNP) that accepts connections from outside service providers and distributes those connections throughout your home. This type of network will ensure the strongest connection for your internet, audio, video, and phone signals to all of your electronic devices.

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Building a Structured Wiring Network

The heart of these systems is a control panel, operated with keypads located at key points throughout your house. All of the system’s components and accessories are connected through wired or wireless connections.

1. Networking Panel
Structured Networking Panels (or media center) create one central hub that connects all of the media devices and other electronics in your home.

2. Wiring
Run the proper cables from the media center hub to each individual room in your home.

3. Wallplates & Inserts
Customizable wallplates and inserts connect to your media center through your home’s wiring, allowing you to control and connect your electronic devices throughout your home.

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